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The Zac Brown Band Concert: (that wasn’t)

The Zac Brown Band. A beautiful May day. One of the two shows in their home state of Georgia. Sold out. The day after the new album Welcome Home is released. 496 miles driven. Two pricey resale tickets in the 101 section. One really big mistake. 

So we live out in our old van
Travel all across this land
Me and you… 
I am awoken by the sweet chords of the Zac Brown Band’s song “Free”- as I have been for nearly a year.

As I gather everything I need to get ready for the show and the travel, I make sure to move the concert tickets around ensuring that I cannot leave them behind. Ironic that this was not the pitfall, at all. 

The Zac Brown Band concert is in Alpharetta, Georgia at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

We depart from my home in LaFollette, TN around 2:30pm. The long drive ahead does not seem daunting because it is the most beautiful May day.

During the drive, the Zac Brown Band often reoccurs on the playlist. The essentials: Whatever It Is, As She’s Walking Away, Castaway, All the Best, Colder Weather, Loving You Easy, Goodbye in Her Eyes, No Hurry, and onCreds to Spotify’s “This Is: Zac Brown Band” playlist.

After tense navigation of the congested, fast-paced, near-Atlanta interstate we arrive.

My dad and I weave through the masses attending the show: frats in their preppy attire, ladies in their dressy cowboy boots, and loud day-drinkers.

The lawn section is visible from afar: a sea of people, no visible grass. We make it to the line. I hold out my ticket to be scanned: error beep. The staffer instructs me to see the near-by manager. A group of dissatisfied folks and one busy manager are my destination. The manager scans my ticket.

The devastating words are spoken: “these tickets were for last night’s show, I’m sorry,  go to the ticket booth and see if they can do anything.”

The ticket booth informs dad and I that the show is sold out, therefore there is nothing they can offer us.




With nothing to do but leave, we walk back to the car as my mascara darkens my under-eye.

The path back to my car is through a parking lot that is filled with cars playing the Zac Brown Band out of their speakers.

I cry through most of the travel out of the Alpharetta area. The tears are product of the mingling of disappointment in the fact that it is an incredible show that we will not witness, I am to blame for the date mix up, and the large sum of ticket money that is wasted. 

I do not find the heart to play the Zac Brown Band on the way home. Instead, Dad consoles me and assures me that it’s only money and mistakes happen. Likely in effort to make me feel better, Dad begins a discussion about jobs, work ethic, and education- my favorite thing to chat about with him. Also he must feel sorry for me because he allows a stop for an Americano and Harry Styles (2017) to be played on repeat.

At 12:45am we arrive back in LaFollette.

Maybe next time…

Zac Brown Band Concert

p.s. Dad and I are only smiling because we were yet aware that we had embarked on the most unfortunate Zac Brown Band concert trip of all time.

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