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Kacey Musgraves: Oh, What a World Tour

Sequins, cowboy hats and bolo ties find their way into the Tennessee Theatre under the glittering marquee. The Grammy-winning Album of the Year has sold out the glamorous theater on a Tuesday night.

Hailing from upstate New York, Nashville transplant, Sinclair warms the stage for what’s to come with impossible-not-to-dance-to grooves like “BRCLNA.”

Guitar in hand, Musgraves’s silhouette graces the stage for the first glimpse of her ruffle chiffon pants and waist-length locks. She is backed her her all-guy band wearing matching suits and sparkling shoes.

The Grammy goddess stands glowing beneath the arch of oriental folding hand fans. A rapid fire of stand-out songs from Golden Hour begins the show. From “Slow Burn,” “Wonder Woman” and “Butterflies” to “Lonely Weekend,” and “Happy & Sad.”

Musgraves’s visual appearance bears close resemblance to a Barbie. A yee-hawing, Texas-raised, sincere, f-bomb dropping, encourage the crowd to throw two middle fingers in the air – Barbie.

The infusion of songs into the set that introduced her to the world like “Merry Go ‘Round” and “Follow Your Arrow” reminds the crowd of her rich past of well-written numbers. To be a country gal who has been embraced by non-country audiences even with songs that tell unapologetic stories about southern life, is a special thing.

A curtain of a burnt-orange hue and retro hotel room resemblance descends on the stage. Musgraves is surrounded by her band as they perform deep cuts like “Dandelion” and deeply-emotional pieces like “Mother.” Stories of their start, a notable first gig across from a strip club and given superlatives like who smokes the most weed, color this time.

Musgraves welcomes her musician husband, Ruston Kelly, on stage with a kiss. He drapes her guitar around his neck as they harmonize “To June This Morning,” a poem written by Johnny Cash to June that they put music to.

“Velvet Elvis” and “Rainbow” proceed. Disco balls appear for “Space Cowboy.” Under the neon glow of rainbow colors on the oriental fans, Musgraves dances around the stage in sync with the crowd to “High Horse.” Glowing beach balls float above the crowd from one pass to another as the night concludes.

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